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Speak easilly

Spix App supports your speech, allowing you to trigger your most common gaming phrases with the press of a button!

Make friends

Making friends online can be tough! Spix App makes it easier to be social and chat with people online!

Win games

Communication is key to gaming success! Spix App makes clear communication in gaming easy!

Intuitive wheel interface

Easy to use wheel interface allows for responsive communication at all times!
  • Fully customisable
  • Compatible with existing assistive technology
  • Easy to set up

Flexible phrase library

Store and catalogue all your gaming phrases in your phrase library, allowing you to easilly build communication wheels for all your favourite games!

Smart recording studio

Record your own phrases, and edit your voice to sound just right! Apply vocal effects to make your character unique!

Answers to

Frequently asked questions

Is Spix App compatible with my existing chat tools?
Yes! Spix App currently works with common chat tools such as Discord, Zoom, Teamspeak, and most in-game comms systems.
Will Spix App work with my adaptive interface?
Yes! Spix App can be set up to work with the majority of adaptive interfaces. If you have any setup issues please get in touch and one of our team will help you!
Is Spix App for me?
Hope so! Spix App is for anyone that is finding that the existing tools aren't working for them. If you have features that you think would improve your experience that you wish we would add, please get in touch!
Spix App

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